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A willful journey over the years to enliven the dream of Malayalee community to express ,enlighten and engender our cultural and traditional value embarked the birth of Malayalam monthly newspaper “ Jaihind Vartha”. We made a new horizon in the world of conventional press. Jaihind Vartha with its unique way of presentation and comprehensive coverage gives a touch a to the needs of all ages and gender.

Jaihind Vartha is a true feast for Diaspora in all aspects. It is designed with such a blend of socio, political and religious news, every volume comes up with articles depicting guidance to keep healthy , carefully pick ethnic tasty recipes for keeping the taste of Kerala safe with generations.

Around 6 lakhs Malayalee population spread across united states provide unending opportunities for a newspaper like Jia Hind Vartha. A community comprising of multifaceted and well educated people , we are promised to deliver what they long for. A true endeavor to connect the Malayalees with their homeland and to nurture the culture they always keeps close to heart in the foreign land. JaiHind Vartha with all its outstanding features and true aspirations is committed to keep its quality and standard towards the society, being a cultural ambassador bridging generation gaps.

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  1. Benjamin M. Panicker

    Hello Friends,
    I am delighted to see this Malayalam newspaper online. Refreshing and informative articles and latest news, indeed. I wish all the best to this “Jaihind Vartha”

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